He’s Dying Of Cancer, So He Did Something Unforgettable… At 2:51 I Was In Tears.

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Watching this video, it feels like the simple, sweet experience of a father preparing for a night on the town with his daughters. Unfortunately, the reason for their special day is truly heartbreaking, a bittersweet glimpse into the moments of someone who is living on borrowed time.

Check out the video below to learn Charlie Kwentus' story - and have your tissues ready.


Though Charlie Kwentus won't likely be around long enough to watch his daughters grow into capable young women, he can be sure that because of his efforts now, they'll always remember the incredible man their father was.

This family's story is a heartbreaking and empowering reminder that we should all value each and every day that we have on this planet - you never know what might be around the corner.

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