When Mom Sang ‘Amazing Grace’ To Her Baby Girl She Was Surprised By How It Made Her Feel.

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A mother sings "Amazing Grace" to her daughter who is coping with albinism.


You may ask yourself "why does this baby get emotional while hearing her mother sing?"

Siu-Lan Tan, Ph.D., a professor of child psychology and co-author of two books on the psychology of music, answered that question about a similar video on Psychology Today. Tan says even as young infants we are deeply affected by the emotions of the people around us. What we see is a demonstration of emotional contagion, the tendency to feel and express emotions similar to and influenced by those of others. The high pitches of the mom's voice evokes tears not just because of the musical intensity but also because the high notes correspond with facial expressions of the mother singing.

Being touched by watching this baby's reaction to her mom's singing is a perfect example of emotional contagion.

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