He Turned His Home Into A Museum Of Love… The Reason Why Is A Tearjerker.

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Over their nearly six decades of marriage, Charles "LaLa" Evans and his wife, Louise collected hundreds and hundreds of photographs, documenting their lives together. They often spoke about creating a museum for the images, but hadn't brought the idea to fruition before Louise passed away in 2011, just one month before their 60th wedding anniversary.

After Louise passed, LaLa knew he had to move forward with the project. He transformed his home with all of their memories in tribute to his wife, and the result is a space so beautifully artistic and filled with love, it will make your heart skip a beat. LaLa's community in Starkville, Mississippi took notice, and so did a band called Mutemath. They filmed LaLa's love museum for their latest music video, and the resulting footage is absolutely incredible.

This is LaLa inside the home he shared with his wife Louise, now full of pictures of their lives together.

Even the outdoor space has become a tribute to their amazing bond.

**Here's the Mutemath video of LaLa & Louise's Love Palace. It's simultaneously heartbreaking and totally uplifting to watch.**

**After the video went viral, LaLa was invited onto The Ellen Show to share more of his story. If this doesn't bring tears to your eyes, nothing will.**


Hopefully, everyone finds a love like these two shared.

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