These Giant Statues Gently Move Through Each Other, And It’s Heartbreakingly Beautiful.

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It's called "The Statue of Love," and it was created by Georgian artist Tamar Kvesitadze.

The country of Georgia has a legendary tragic love story that all Georgians know. The story was first told in the 1937 novel called Ali and Nino, and it tells the tale of a Muslim Azerbaijani boy and Christian Georgian princess who are separated by the Bolshevik invasion.

The story is a tragedy in the same vein as Romeo and Juliet: The Azerbaijani youth falls in love with the princess, but then dies defending his country. Georgia now has an iconic art installation to commemorate the famous tale. Seeing this installation and knowing the story is poignant and touching. See the statues and more of the story below.


The statues are also mobile: Every day at 7pm, they move close to one another in a kiss.


The statues pay homage to the romance of the story's two main characters.


And just as in the book, they are then separated, first merging into one another then moving apart.


At the end of the movement, each of the statues is alone again.

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**See how the statues move together, through each other, and apart in the video below.**


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