This Simple Daily Ritual Gives 97% Of Women A Boost Of Self Confidence.

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Late last year, major make-up brand Revlon partnered with Fordham University to conduct a study they called "Love Test." The study challenged hundreds of women to customize and follow their own beauty ritual daily for one week. The ritual, meant to engage the senses, is as follows:

  • Apply fragrance.
  • Apply eye makeup.
  • Savor a mint or chocolate.
  • Apply lip color.
  • Take a slow, deep breath.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror and smile.

The video below features participants together with their partners responding to questions about their relationships. Although each of the women come from different backgrounds and stages in their relationships, many of them admitted that confidence was one of their biggest problems. Enter in the Love Test.

Watch the video to see how small changes in one's daily routine can make all the difference when it comes to romance, and more importantly, self-love.

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