Watch This Quick Thinking Seal Escape Certain Death… Phew That Was Close!

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Mother Nature can be pretty brutal, but for the most part, it's best if human beings don't interfere with the interactions between other animals, instead stepping aside and letting things run their course. So while interfering with the circle of life is definitely not recommended, we can't help but observe that this situation is a little bit different.

Here's the story: A group of boaters saw a group of orcas trying to nab their next meal, this time in the form of a panicked seal that was literally swimming for his life. Now, it would have been ill-advised and dangerous for the humans to jump in the water and save the seal, as hard as it would be to sit by and watch while the orcas made him into a snack. Luckily, it didn't come to that: The seal did something to save himself, instead. Check out the shocking video below -- make sure you watch to the end and pay attention to the face lurking in the water.

Better luck next time, orcas.

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