Daycare Refused To Let Little Girl Eat Lunch, Mom Was Furious When She Saw Why!

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This is Yasmin Jackson and her daughter Amari.

When we send our children off to daycare or school, we do so with the belief that whoever is taking care of them there will keep them safe, happy, well-fed, and protected -- just as we would do ourselves. That's why the process of choosing a caretaker or school for a child is so arduous: You simply want to make sure that when they leave your care for eight hours a day, they're getting the very best treatment from the kindest of people.

But sometimes, things get mixed up. Rules go unread, miscommunication happens, and suddenly, your child comes back home after a day at school with some complaints. That's what happened to mom Yasmin Jackson when her daughter came home from school, complaining that she hadn't eaten all day. When she investigated the issue, the whole thing spiraled out of control faster than it should have, and landed the daycare in quite a bit of controversy. Read the full story below.

Until recently, Jackson sent Amari to the Kingswood Daycare Nursery, close to their home in Scotland.