These Mind-Bending Makeup Transformations Are So Good You Can’t Tell Reality From Fantasy.

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Tokyo-based make-up artist, Zhao Yu, knows what you'll lycan.

With enthusiasm and inventiveness, numerous makeup artists have decided to forego conventional materials to explore bolder venues and techniques. From aesthetic edible artwork to pieces influenced by flowers, these vanguard manifestations exhibit an inventive and innovative way to deal with artistic workmanship. As of late, this enthusiasm has appeared in the domain of body art, with optical figment cosmetics at its interesting front line. Utilizing faces as a blank canvas, these cosmetics experts utilize strategies to create some impressive works of art that will make you doubt what you're seeing and question everything you knew about reality. From unusual reality-defying contortions to camouflage you have to see to believe, these cosmetics showstoppers exhibit the individual specialists' stunning aptitudes. Check out these amazing selections of optical illusion art and their talented artists. They'll totally blow your mind.

Now here's an optical illusion we can sink our teeth into. Without even using Photoshop, Zhao can use her artistic makeup talent to bring out the inner wolf inside of someone.