Innocent Magpie Tries Hanging Upside Down, The ‘Translation’ Had Me In Stitches.

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Videos of animals being curious or silly are a hit amongst humans. It’s fascinating to watch our fuzzy, furry or feathered friends interact with their surroundings. Magpies, for example, are notorious for being inquisitive and seem to be quickly attracted to new things.

In this video, one magpie is having fun hanging upside down from a towel on a clothesline while his friend tries to pull him away. Adding to the comedic scene is Chris Cohen’s voiceovers. Better known as the “animal translator guy,” Cohen provides the perfect narrative on what the two bird pals are probably saying to each other.

The YouTuber has clearly found his niche. He has been busy translating creature conversations for the last five years. Thanks to Cohen, now we know magpies can be quite goofy.


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