Elderly Dog Received An Eye-Watering Act Of Kindness From An Unlikely Source.

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Jeff Kramer, a USPS mailman in Boulder, Colorado, saw a problem along his route. He decided to lend a helping hand.

A lot of us think we know our mailman. We see them every day and maybe even say hello. The truth, however, is through that very brief interaction we don’t really know anything at all about them and vice versa. Just like many aspects of life, there are some very nice mail carriers out there delivering the mail (both male and female).

In Boulder, Colorado, Jeff Kramer walks his postal route every day and along the way he noticed a problem. One of his customers had an old dog that couldn’t make it up and down the stairs to the front porch anymore. So the owners had to lift the large dog every time he needed to go outside. They were hurting their own backs trying to help their dog do the most natural thing.

Kramer had faced the same issue with his dog some time ago and he built a ramp to go over the stairs that allowed the dog easy access up and down the porch. His dog had eventually died and the ramp wasn’t being used anymore. So he did what any good human being would do – he brought it over to the house along his route and gave it to them. He came over on his day off to install it and the black lab was very thankful, as were his owners. Cudos Jeff!

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Jeff had an old dog that had problems walking up and down the stairs. He built a ramp to help his dog in what was becoming very hard for it.

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Eventually, Jeff's dog died and the ramp wasn't being used. So he brought it over to a customer along his route that had a dog suffering from the same problem. He installed it on his day off.

DailyCamera Photo / YouTube

**Jeff Kramer doesn't think he did anything special. He had the means to help out someone in need and he did just that.**

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