Mailman Adopts Elderly Dog He Found Along Route And Saved.

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On the morning of February 25, Nate Ohlman started his day like he would any other morning.

There are plenty of people out there that feel as if dogs are too good for humans, and this is because of their incredible loyalty and fierce protection. Unfortunately, as loyal as dogs are, it can be hard to find a human to be just as loyal to them. This pup was knocking on death's door when an angel appeared in a mail truck and cared enough to save the innocent soul.

As a mailman, he sticks to the same schedule every day, so when he noticed an elderly dog huddled at the end of a dead-end road, he knew something was up. Considering that it was the middle of the winter in Missouri, Ohlman knew that the cold dog had to have been struggling to keep warm. He immediately knew that he needed to do something to help or the dog would surely die.

Nate Ohlman

Not wanting to scare him off, Ohlman slowly approached the pup, but he quickly realized that the dog couldn’t see or hear well, at all.

In an interview with The Dodo, Ohlman said: “I moved around a bit and made some noises, until he could see me and as soon as he did, he stood up and bolted for my mail truck. He was frostbitten, starving and alone.” As soon as the old dog realized that Ohlman was standing there, he understood that he was trying to help.

Tori Fugate

Ohlman lifted up the dog, who was later named Sloan, and put him in his truck.

As he looked at Sloan, Ohlman knew that he was in horrible condition, so he drove to the nearest animal hospital. Hoping that Sloan would be okay, Ohlman dropped his new friend off at the shelter and left his contact information with the staff so they could let him know how Sloan was doing. “I told the clinic to attach my phone number to him. I wanted to know what was going to come of this sweet boy,” said Ohlman.

Tori Fugate

Ohlman continued his day, driving the mail truck, but he couldn’t seem to stop thinking about Sloan.

“I thought about how and why somebody can do such a terrible thing to such a helpless creature. It broke my heart to continue to think he had no one to love him. I had to adopt him — just had to. I do not believe in a lot of things but I do believe I was meant to find him.”

Tori Fugate

KC Pet Project ended up taking Sloan into their shelter the day after he was rescued.

Unfortunately, Sloan was in horrible condition. Tori Fugate, the chief communications officer at KC Pet Project said in an interview with The Dodo: “He was severely underweight, he had sores all over his body and he could barely stand or walk on his own for a long period of time. He had the lowest body score condition that our veterinarians could give.”

KC Pet Project

Sloan was immediately given fluids and medication while the staff members kept a close eye on him.

It was touch and go for a while, but soon enough, Sloan slowly started to improve. In fact, he was finally able to go to a foster home to finish his recovery. Even though Sloan was estimated to be around 12 years old, he began to quickly heal and his true colors began to show. Not only was Sloan a survivor, but he was goofy and sweet, as well.

Tori Fugate

It wasn’t long before Sloan was well enough to go home with Ohlman.

Ohlman was more than happy to adopt Sloan, who immediately recognized the man who saved his life. “Sloan is an elderly dog who I believe used to belong to a family. His demeanor and actions are proof. Somebody did something very inhumane. I only did the humane thing,” said Ohlman.

KC Pet Project

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