She Removed HALF Her Make-Up… At 1:32 You’ll Understand Why Her Video Is Going Viral.

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Makeup has evolved from simple applications and products to the full gamut of false eyelashes and contouring products that literally sculpt the face. The concept of enhancing one’s features has moved to correcting and improving your natural self far beyond a blush or lipstick. One woman in South Korea bared her natural look online. She starts out completely done up but takes off all of her makeup on only one side of her face while leaving the other side completely intact.

It’s surprising to see how her features and overall look changes drastically. The biggest lesson may very well be that the woman is just as beautiful without all the ‘beauty-aids.’

The video has been viewed over 7 million times since it was posted last month.

Next, this artist can transform himself into just about anyone using make-up.

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