She Removed Her Makeup To Reveal The Truth About Her Skin, And It’s Powerful.

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Em Ford is more than just a pretty face.

People are visual beings. Whether we like it or not, we make judgement of others based on appearances. And with the power of social media, it is easy to share an opinion regardless of how cruel it is about the way someone looks.

Women, young and old tend to be on the receiving end of the hurtful comments. One woman named Em Ford knew all too well what it was like to be judged based on what she looked like. The 26-year-old started her own YouTube channel. Her make-up tutorials exposed her to an unlimited number of insults about her face.

Rather than shut down her work, Em chose to stand up to the online bullies by showing her true self without make-up on.

The London based former model is the beauty blogger behind the popular YouTube channel My Pale Skin.

My Pale Skin