She Completely Manipulated Her Own Body To Make A Very Important Point.

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What is your idea of beauty? Have you ever stopped to think how easily your perceptions of beauty are engineered and skewed by what media projects onto you, and what you consequently project onto yourself?

University of Oklahoma B.F.A Art Media student Kelsey Higley examined those questions for her latest project, "Manipulated." Watch the mesmerizing video below.


Higley started this project after spending hours contemplating the ever-changing nature of society's beauty standards. To create this video, Higley digitally manipulated 126 photos of herself and put them in a stop motion loop, creating the effect that she is molding her own body to whatever look she desires.

Like most young women, Higley has struggled with her own body image, fluctuating from the desire to fit the prescribed beauty mold and the desire to love herself, just as she is. "Manipulated" is an examination on how quickly and easily beauty ideals and desires can change, both in our own minds and on our screens.

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