He Found A Secret In A 5000-Year-Old Scroll, And Now He’s Better Than Legolas.

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Lars Andersen mastered the ancient art of archery as it was actually done for thousands of years. His skill is mind boggling— just wait for the part where he shoots an incoming arrow with one of his own...


Bows and arrows were first used about 10,000 years ago and began to decline in around the 1500's when muskets were introduced to warfare. Even Japanese samurai were eventually required to carry guns.

Throughout history there were many attempts to bring archery back as a sport or past time activity, but they never lasted very long. Probably because standing still while shooting a bow may be somewhat uneventful for many people, as opposed to shooting a powerful firearm. But after seeing Lars Andersen shooting bows like a true master I'm sure there's going to be some people out there wanting to learn to shoot just like him. Especially since the way he does it really makes it seem like a lot of fun.

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