Max And Quaker's BFF Friendship Will Melt Your Heart.

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Quackers was just a duckling when the Rileys made him a part of the family.

Do you remember the 1986 film "The Adventures of Milo and Otis"? The thought a dog and a cat being friends was certainly something that no one would have believed possible. Then they saw the movie and realized that interspecies friendship is totally paw-ssible and paw-some! But a friendship between a dog and a duck? Well, if you thought that this was impossible then you're totally quackers! Just ask Patrick and Kirsten Riley, who own a dog and a duck. But the last thing they ever expected was that these two unlikely pets would wind up becoming the coolest BFFs ever.

Unfortunately, he had no one from his species to hang out with, at least not anymore. He had lost everyone he knew and loved.


The last thing Quackers or the Rileys ever expected was for him to form a bond with a husky.

Then again, Max, the husky that that Rileys had adopted also knew what loneliness was. Long before Quackers came along, Max had a husky friend named Sasha, who sadly passed away.


Kirsten and Patrick claim that the duck and the husky have been inseparable since they met.

They do just about everything together and that includes walking down the road. The Rileys' neighbor, Alisa Godejahn, actually looks forward to seeing them when she's out and about.


Quackers and Max love having each other in their lives and neither feels lonely anymore.

They eat and drink together, according to Kirsten. They even sleep together, but in a friendly way, that's all. When they had first met, the Rileys knew that Max wanted to be friends with Quackers.


Max, who was still reeling from Sasha's passing, sat next to Quacker's pen all the time.

Naturally, they bonded, so Patrick decided to let Quackers out of his pen. Since then, these two unlikely friends have never been apart from each other. If only people could learn to put their differences aside as easily.


Some might say that ducks are lifers when it comes to finding a lifetime companion.

Once they've found their BFF, they stick with that friend for life. So, it seems like Quackers is all set for life, and Max seems to feel the same way. But while they spend a lot of time on the road in the winter, they spend more time by the house in the winter time.


Patrick loves to go duck hunting in his native city of Strout, Minnesota, and Max is okay with that.

Whenever Patrick comes home after duck hunting, Max doesn't freak out about it because he and his owner have an understanding. You can do whatever you want to other ducks, but don't you dare aim it at Quackers.


**Seconds after you hit play, your heart will melt when you Max and Quackers, two lifelong brothers from another mother, who are inseparable.**

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