The McGhee Sextuplets Recreated The Photo That Made Them Famous.

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Young Love Lasts

Something about large families fascinates Americans. By this, we’re not talking about twins or triplets. We’re talking about families large enough to form a football team. That’s why shows like "19 Kids and Counting" and "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" have become such a fad. So, it’s not surprising when we hear that a new family, of large proportions, suddenly came into the spotlight. Their story will definitely surprise you!

Brian Killian

Mia Shelby and Rozonno McGhee met when they were in high school. Rozonno loved Mia’s determination. “I used to see her walking down the hallway, and she always held books in her hands like she was on a mission.” The two began dating and soon realized their love was for real. They were married when they were 20, but it would be some time before they would expand their family.