40 Memorable Selfies. I Feel Sorry For The Poor Guy In #3.


Two friendly late night competitors, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert.

November 19 will mark the anniversary the word ‘selfie’ was introduced as the Word of the Year by the Oxford Dictionary. That same year, Oxford inducted the word to their online dictionary. Who knew that taking a self-portrait with a smart phone to be shared on social media would become a phenomenon? This cultural sensation is across all demographics from celebrities to students to presidents. Take a look at some of this less than ordinary selfies.

Stephen Colbert/Twitter

Lance Coury 2013 X Games Gold Medalist Speed and Style. Selfie while riding his motorcycle. 

Lance Coury

This guy took a selfie with a squirrel and then he went for a rabies shot.


Robert Cornelius wrote on the back of this photo “The first light picture ever taken,” and the first selfie ever taken in 1839.

Library of Congress

The woman who just had to have a selfie during a baseball game. It cost her $1,500 in fines


The Sloth selfie.

The selfie that got the First Lady annoyed. President Obama with Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Britain’s David Cameron.


What to do when on vacation in Dubai’s Princess Tower, the  world’s tallest residential building? Take a selfie of course. 

Alexander Remnev

American journalist and author Hunter S Thompson, 22, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Hunter S. Thompson

Hilary Clinton and Meryl Streep

Ron Sachs / Getty Images

Big mountain snowboarding dare-devil Xavier de le Rue living on the edge.

Xavier de le Rue

Swimming with sharks selfie. 

Maneuvering the glider might be more important than this selfie. 

Eminem with Mona Lisa. 


A barrel wave or a tube caught in mid-action.

To capture his two-month paragliding trip Tom de Dorlodot takes a selfie paragliding thru the South Pacific.

Tom de Dorlodot

The black macaque selfie that couldn’t be copyrighted. 

David J. Slater

On top of Mount Everest.


Photographer David Malvestuto is actually wrestling with the giant octopus. The octopus became enamored with the camera, only when the flash went off did the shy animal back away. 

David Malvestuto

Animal? Human? It’s still a selfie.

Luckily the ball missed her.

Kelly Nash / Instagram

Replacing lightbulbs hundreds of feet off the ground selfie.

How do you organize a selfie with a giraffe? 

huffington post

Bill Nye the Science Guy selfie.

huffington post

Double grumpy selfie with Peter Dinklage and Grumpy Cat.


The Mark Wahlberg knows that you are including him in your photo selfie.

huffington post

Beatles’ George Harrison at the Taj Mahal, India 1966.


Barry Nobles BMX racer in mid-air.

Barry Nobles

Do you see the sinking plane in the back? May not be the best time for a selfie.

The woman in the background is his teacher going in to labor. 


Vintage selfie. Ethel, Jackie and John F Kennedy in happier times.

Although it’s the most viral selfie, Ellen DeGeneres cannot take credit for this photo. According to selfie rules, it’s whoever takes the photo who owns the selfie. In this case, Bradley Cooper. 

Ellen DeGeneres/Twitter

A selfie outside a helicopter while still on flight. 


Fear of heights? Looking at Russian photographer Kirill Oreshkin whose selfies almost always involves climbing dangerous and high buildings may not be your remedy.

Kirill Oreshkin1/Twitter

Royal Danish Air Force pilot takes a self-portrait while launching a missile. All in a day’s work.


Beyonce just made this fan’s day by photobombing the girl’s selfie. 


Running with the bulls and taking a selfie may not be the wisest idea.

Derrek Barlow/Houston Press

Even the Vatican’s top man gets in on the trend.

Fabio M. Rago/Twitter

Can’t beat a selfie in space as demonstrated by astronaut Aki Hoshide.


And then there’s the “I should be running now” selfie.

Paul Souders/Corbis

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