25 Original Party Ideas For An Unforgettable Memorial Day.


Since fireworks are illegal in some neighborhoods, opt out for these safe confetti popper rockets instead.

Memorial Day is this Monday. A lot of people only know the holiday is coming up because they get an extra day off from work or school, extending their usual 2-day weekend to a 3-day weekend.

Memorial Day is a day those who passed away in the military are remembered and honored.

Those who have been in the military or know of someone who was in the military like to celebrate this day as they perceive this day as a day of appreciation. But how do you host a Memorial Day party? The key is patriotic colors! Whatever you decorate with or decide to cook -- just remember to stick to red, blue, and white.

And don't forget to incorporate the American flag here and there around the house!


Create an assortment of heathy treats like fruits and pretzels and arrange them to look like the American flag.


For something fruity and a little more scrumptious, try making a strawberry and blueberry cheesecake.


Mix some blue, red, and white streamers with string lights over a high beam to make an eye-catching entrance.


Recreate these festive and easy to make candle holders by filling masor jars with grains of rice.

Use food coloring to change the color of some of the grains to create the three layers.


Bake a delicious cake that looks like the flag from within when you cut out slices.


This treat requires no baking! Just purchase pre-made rice krispies and dip them into Wilton's melted chocolate in red and blue.

Stick decorative paper straws in them for decor and so your guests won't have sticky residue on their hands when enjoying their treat.


Summer's just around the corner, which means it's getting hot. Help everyone cool down with these decorative ice cream bars!


Use blue, red, and white yarn to create decorative light fixtures to go over string lights.


Use food coloring to change the color of the water in your flower vases to help add to the theme.


Make 3-layer jello shots in the flag colors.

You can make them with or without alcohol, depending on who's invited to your party.


Criss-cross/weave red and blue streamers together on top of a white tablecloth.


Paint red and white stripes or white stars over a blue background onto mason jars!


Drizzle colored candy melts over popcorn to create a delicious and patriotic chocolate covered snack.


Make a wreath out of clothespins and paint them afterwards in the patriotic colors.


Make a red, blue and white sangria so the adults have a little something special to sip on.

And cut the pineapples into star shapes to help make the drink resemble the american flag.


If you're expecting a lot of kids to come over, provide a little arts and crafts section where they can make beaded necklaces or anything involving festive colors.


And if you want another cold treat alternative, try making a red velvet ice cream cake!


Use food coloring to make deviled eggs in blue, white and red.


No American party is complete without hot dogs! Try recreating these fun firecracker hot dogs and place them in a festive bucket.


Create fun props to use for photos.


If you don't feel like baking an entire cake, bake mini cupcakes instead and dress them up by putting them into plastic wine goblets that are filled with red, white, and blue m&ms.


Stick rectangular marshmallows onto the top of paper straws to recreate these cute flag treats.

Use food writer pens to create the flag pattern.


If you're feeling fancy with you dessert making, try recreating these patriotic cheesecake and meringue parfaits!


Make a patriotic shooter using red and blue pop rocks candy to add a crackle/fizz reminiscent of fireworks!

Make a smooth blend of sweet grenadine, cream and Schnapps for the drink itself.