WARNING: These Funny Adverts From 1970’s Men’s Magazines Will Burn A Hole In Your Eyes.

Let's take a trip back to the past... President Nixon was inaugurated in January of 1969, the conflict in Vietnam was in full force and our country was in an internal battle with civil rights. Flash forward to the 70's and all hell had broken loose in the country. We had a president impeached, and a new one put into office who nobody voted for. The country was invaded by the Beatles, everyone was listening and dancing to disco, conversion vans were the vehicle of choice, and our reading material was published by Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt.

How could it get any worse? FASHION! Men's clothing was styled after current tastes in music, drugs, and literary icons. Colors were bold and bright, lapels were huge, necklines were plunging on MEN, and bell bottoms and hip huggers were all the rage. People would go out clubbing in brightly colored three or four piece suits. While doing the latest disco pose, they would hang out in Nehru jackets contemplating life, or relax in silk robes while smoking a pipe.

Take a look at these advertisements from catalogs below, have a good laugh, and be thankful that fashion has moved on.