This Incredible Hulk Sculpture Is Just Nuts. (Literally) WOW!


Thailand’s [Ban-Hun-Lek]( has been creating scrap metal art since 2000 as a hobby. They salvage old rusting cars for the bolts, nuts, screws, spark plugs, and other parts, and weld them together to make custom sculptures. Check out these pieces, they’re really amazing!

The Incredible Hulk

How he was made is just nuts! (literally) Nuts welded together, except for his shorts.

What started out as a side hobby for the family has grown into a business of its own.

WALL-E from Disney Pixar

The minions from Despicable Me

Captain Davy Jones of the Pirates of the Caribbean

Iron Man

If you could have any sculpture custom made, what would it be? Write your comments below and Share this with your friends. They might want a cool sculpture.