This Ballet Dancer Will Overwhelm You With Gracefulness… In 11 PERFECT Moments.

There is a widely held belief artistic people are multifaceted: a painter may be able to sculpt with mastery with little or no training or a musician may be able to pick up and play different instruments. This is certainly the case with Mickael Jou, a gifted classical ballet dancer with an amazing photographic eye.

Jou’s project “365 Photos”combined his two passions. He searches for out-of-the-ordinary spots in Berlin, Germany to plié, brisé and arabesque his way through. Despite the name of the project, the Taiwanese-French-American has not been taking a photo every day for a year but rather been working on his labour of love for the last three years and expects another three to complete it.

Some of his dance moves are stunning and his eye for capturing the right picture at the right moment will leave you speechless. Check out a sample of his beautiful photography.