Military Working Dog Reunites With His Handler.

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While Marine Corporal Aaron Stice was in the military, he spent his time alongside a loyal partner.

The brave men and women who serve our country sacrifice way more than most of us could ever imagine. Assuming that being away from home is one of the hardest parts of the job, it's nice to see military members find some sort of peace while they're in another country. In some cases, this peace comes in the form of a furry companion.

It’s not easy being away from home, serving your country in a foreign land, but with Kkeaton by Stice’s side, things weren’t so bad. Unfortunately, things eventually took a turn for the worse.

Joe Galli / YouTube

The bond between Kkeaton and Stice was undeniably unbreakable.

Kkeaton was named after one of Stice’s friends, Corporal Keaton Coffey, who was killed in Afghanistan. Despite their issues (according to Stice, Kkeaton wasn’t easy to train), Kkeaton became one of the best military dogs that Stice had ever seen.

Joe Galli / YouTube

Sadly, Kkeaton was injured in the line of duty, causing him to be forced into retirement.

This meant that Stice had to finish his time alone. Stice spent a long seven months without his favorite companion by his side, but eventually, he would be given the opportunity to adopt Kkeaton for good.

Aaron Stice / Facebook

While in the military, Kkeaton spent his time detecting explosives, keeping the troops safe.

After he got hurt, Kkeaton was taken to American Humane, an organization that reunites retiring military working dogs with their former handlers. American Humane has supported military animals and veterans for over 100 years now.

Joe Galli / YouTube

After seven months of being apart from each other, Kkeaton and his best friend are finally together again.

The two were reunited at Cavender Toyota in San Antonio, Texas. After spending so much time together being heroes, the pair is ready to live a “simple life.” We’re glad to see you two together again!

American Humane

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