Everything You Know Is A LIE… Here’s The Photos To Prove It.


This is literally a brick road printer.

If you're ready to use this dull afternoon as an opportunity to blow your mind into a million tiny pieces, look no further: We've got the answers for you right here.

These pictures are, at first glance, easily overlooked as normal or benign. But when you look twice and really, really think about what you're seeing, your mind will basically explode on sight.

From the real flavor of Fruit Loops to the time-saving hack you can use when your key fob dies, these images aren't just mind-blowing, they're actually kind of useful. Prepare to be amazed.


Little known fact: The heads of Easter Island actually have bodies buried below the ground.

The pictures on Britain's coins are actually of the coat of arms for the country.

So many lies.

Damn, that's cold.


If your key fob dies, you can just pop this bad boy off and use your regular key. Who knew?


This is how a key opens a lock.

Dogs actually curl their tongues under to lap up up water.

There's actually a knighted penguin in the Norwegian Royal Guard. His name is Nils Olav.

Chickens can float on water.


Eating cupcakes for dinner will never be the same.

Your footlong sub is actually a dirty lie.


Did you know you could do this to prevent losing your gas cap?


Prepare for total mind implosion.

Game of Thrones fans, be warned: Here's a visual of all the deaths in the series.


You can make your own coaster with your Starbucks or Coffee Bean plastic lid.

Back in the day, cough syrup could get your pretty messed up.

Yup: You've been wearing them wrong all along.

This is how stores keep clothing neat on the shelves.


If you open up the box from a take out container, you've got yourself a plate.


Yup, it spins so slowly that it takes 243 earth days for it to rotate. It only takes 225 days to go all the way around the sun.

This is what sand looks like under a microscope.

The unparalleled horror of having crust on your uncrustable.


Just for relaxing, we suppose.


And finally, we bet you never knew how these sidewalks were created.


Feel free to begin sweeping up all the pieces of your brain now.