19 Mislabelled Photographs That Are So Funny, You Might Snort Loudly.

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This may be the most hilarious way to try to end poaching on Endangered Species Day.

It seems like captioning photos should be fairly straightforward, but there seem to be a lot of people online who can’t grasp the concept of the basics. This list of mislabeled pictures proves just how important it is to double check before you caption a photo. If you don’t, then you might wind up getting called out. But the Twitter account @Classic_picx seems to have mislabeled pictures down to a science. You won’t be able to pick just one favorite. Oh and in case you were wondering, this wasn’t done by mistake. The account is a parody of misinformation, but these label fails will definitely have you rolling on the floor.

Of course, rhino poaching in South Africa is no laughing matter. But this Twitter account really went above and beyond in terms of hilarity by posting a photo of Steven Spielberg sitting next to a wounded (but fake) triceratops.

@Classic_picx / Twitter