Single Line Minimalistic Tattoos Are Putting A New Spin On Ink.

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Mo Ganji has stunned us with his minimalistic work.

When it comes to being a tattoo artist, the artist is usually either one of two: an artist that specializes in one specific signature style or a jack of all trades capable of doing all styles. There is nothing wrong with one or the other. Artists just have their preferences of what they like to do and what type of clientele they want.

Mo Ganji, for example, is an artist who specializes in his own unique style: line work. But it's not just any line work, it's line work that involves only one single continuous line to create the entire piece. It sounds simplistic, but it comes out looking stunning each time.

He has a growing collection of simplistic yet mesmerizing line tattoos. They're the type of lines you'll want inked onto your skin too.

Mo Ganji