15 Illustrations That Accurately Depict The Problems Of Modern Childhood.

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Toys Shouldn't Be This Stressful

It's quite apparent that today's children revolve their lives around technology. Kids spend their time with their eyes glued to screens for several hours a day. What could that mean for them? We put together 15 comics that honestly tell the truth about what a kid's life is like.

Sergey Raskovalov/Brightside

It's obvious that the life of a child has dramatically changed from what it used to be. Kids used to spend their time spinning tops and playing with silly Slinkys. Now, children are consumed by expensive electronics. Kids are now stressing their parents out by asking for a new pair of headphones because they broke them, as opposed to asking for a new inexpensive Slinky. And that just scratches the surface when it comes to expensive toys.