This Mom's Painting Now Has People Painting People Painting People.

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It began with a rather touching post by a Reddit user trying to show everyone his mom’s painting.

Some people have artistic talent, but not enough confidence in their work to realize it. So, they would never ever consider sharing their work for the world to see. But one proud son decided to do his mom a solid. When Reddit user Gaddafo’s mom took on painting, she didn’t really think highly of her artwork. But boy was she wrong. It turns out that she had more skill than she gave herself credit for. But of course, a son will always say that anything their mom paints is wonderful. So, he decided to let Reddit users decide for themselves, and the feedback was rather unusual.

It was his mom’s second painting and Reddit user Gaddafo wanted to let everyone know that this was a masterpiece. But his mom assumed that no one would really like it. But she was way off, and Redditors demonstrated it with their own unique talents.

u/Gaddafo / Reddit