Japanese Artist Up-Cycles Amazon Boxes Into Impossibly Intricate Sculptures.

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Japanese artist Monomi Ohno loves boxes.

Monomi Ohno is a different kind of artist. While attending Osaka University of the Arts, she studied 3-D art renderings. She wanted to create some really nice stuff but realized the software that was needed was very expensive. While saving to buy the software program that she needed, Ohno came across some old Amazon boxes in her house. She decided to do a little practicing to get a head start on the software that she would soon purchase.

It didn’t take long for her to realize that she didn’t need the software at all. She could create an awesome 3-D rendering of just about anything she wanted, all by herself, using just her hands. You are about to see some really awesome things she has made out of cardboard boxes.

This Millennium Falcon looks just like the real thing. Hans Solo couldn't fly this one though as it's made out of cardboard.