Watch Humbling Footage Of A Moose Eating Lunch… It’ll Make You Feel Small.

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I'm not exactly sure what it is about moose that sets them apart from the rest, but there's just something so otherworldly about their presence that makes them one of the most interesting animals on the planet. Have you ever seen a moose up close? With it's massive body and antlers perched atop spindly legs, these guys really do look like they're from outer space, all the while being indigenous to the northern hemisphere.

In the video below, we get treated to a close-up of a moose casually munching on his food, as if it were perfectly normal for him to be doing so at the side of the road. At one point, we get to gaze into his eyes a little -- tell me that's not the look of an animal that knows something we don't.

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Posted by Green Line on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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