A Waterpark For The Disabled Just Opened, And The Photos Are Pure Joy.

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The tropical-themed water park includes six major attractions.

Water parks are in their prime during the summer. Who wouldn't want to spend a hot summer day riding cold water attractions? You're having a blast and cooling down at the same time, it's killing two birds with one stone! Such water parks, however, are known to be inaccessible to those who have disabilities.

Well all of that has just changed as the world's very first water park for people with disabilities has just opened! It's called Morgan's Inspiration Island and it's designed for a range of various disability identities. Best part: anyone with a disability automatically has free admission into the park.

Such rides include an accessible river boat ride and different types of splash pads (which are more accessible than pools to mobility-disabled people). The splash pads could range from water cannons to rain curtains to surfaces with geysers.