If ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Was Set On A Scary Cliff Face It Would Look Like This…

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Watch as these dancers perform a graceful ballet while completely suspended in the air by rock climbing gear. From the ground up, it appears they're performing gravity-defying stunts in slow motion.


The dancers in the video are members of the BANDALOOP troupe, and they perform dances like these for over half a million people from all kinds of heights and structures, like skyscrapers, billboards, atriums, convention halls, mountains, and theaters.

Of course, this is a type of dancing that requires serious training. Anyone who wants to join the troupe and learn the dances can go through their school and learn to use the gear safely, as well as learn aerial dance techniques for hard walls or trampoline walls. In case you're feeling extra strong and artsy at the same time, you can even learn climbing choreography. They also offer outreach programs at colleges, dance centers, universities, art schools, and high schools.

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