Cats And Their Human Dad Remake Memorable Movie Scenes Together.

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Can you guess which romantic film inspired this lovey dovey tear-jerking moment?

Humans have been in the Hollywood spotlight for way too long, don't you think? Now it's time to shift the focus towards the feline community, which is exactly what a man from the UK thought. Using his two Burmese cats, Tara and Willow, named after the witchy couple from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dave has recreated the most memorable movie moments ever and they're pawsome! Just ask his 67.3 thousand followers who can't get enough of those Oscar worthy pics. With the help of his wife, Sarah, he has managed to give some of the coolest scenes in Hollywood a feline do-over that is bound to tickle any cat lover's fancy.

Dave and Sarah took a page out of "The Notebook." Oddly enough, Dave looks more like Chris Pratt than Ryan Gosling. But the cat looks purrr-fect in that dress. We're sure Rachel McAdams would agree.

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