Led Zeppelin Have Finally Gotten The Xylophone Cover They Deserve.

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In 1993, elementary school teacher Diane Downs started a band, using percussion instruments that she acquired in a forgotten storage closet. Today, the Louisville Leopard Percussionists are comprised of over 60 musicians that range in age from 7-14. What they performed in this class is totally epic.


Using marimbas, xylophones, timbales, drums, bongos, a vibraphone and a piano, these awesome kids created an amazing rendition of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir, The Ocean, and Immigrant Song - and they also look pretty radical doing it.

When she founded the Louisville Leopard Percussionists, Downs wanted to focus on providing children with a musical environment that was both enriching and inclusive - these kids come from all different Louisville zip codes. Music can help even the most disenfranchised kids build confidence and explore their creativity - a concept that is woefully overlooked in the many American schools that are cutting their music programs.

Downs and her students have definitely created something inspiring - Jimmy Page, you need to see this.

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