20 Music Festivals That Will Change ALL Your Plans For Summer 2016.

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Tomorrowland, Boom, Belgium

Nowadays, it seems like attending a music festival is considered normal. And if you haven’t attended one yet, you’re missing out. The great thing about festivals today is that they have one for almost any genre of music! You want to dance all night to electronic music, go to Tomorrowland. You want to vibe to some experimental new-age music, go to Burning Man. You want to stray away from the mainstream and rock on to some up and coming indie bands, go to South by Southwest. You want a combination of everything, go to Coachella. No matter which one you choose to attend, it’ll almost always result in becoming an eternal memory you cherish for the rest of your life.

Not sure which festival to begin with? Or maybe you’re a festival veteran who needs some new festivals to attend – check out the ones we’ve gathered just below. They’re each unique in their own way but are all equally promising.