20 Photos That Will Remind You To Get Your Nails Ready For Easter.

With the arrival of spring comes an abundance of color. Fashionistas everywhere lecture us on the importance to update our wardrobe with the latest trends. Before you spend a fortune on new apparel there is a simpler, affordable way to welcome the warmer weather and still be chic.

Nail art is a new trend that has taken a life of its own with colors and designs for the fashion lovers. This is not the polish we used growing up. Nail art has evolved from your basic bottle and brush to a whole new line of individualized brushes, pens, rhinestones and stamps.

These new tools will literally transforms your nails from just a couple coats of lacquer to elegant and intricate illustrations. Don’t worry about making mistakes, just keep your polish remover handy. Take a look at some creative nail art to inspire you.