The Most Adorable Pets Sleeping With Their Favorite Stuffed Animals.


Just a cat taking a nap with her favorite mouse.

Most of us had a favorite stuffed animal that we'd carry around and sleep with when we were young children. Some dogs and cats do too. Sometimes the stuffed toy is bigger, sometimes it's smaller, and sometimes it starts off small but the animal eventually outgrows it. As you can see from the photos below, a lot of animals stay loyal to their first toy no matter how much they outgrow it. Check out some of the cutest animal and toy relationships below.The cutest ones are the ones where they're snuggling with mini-mes.

It's like your pet has a pet.


"I can't sleep without my snuggle bear!"

I'm ready to turn this into my screensaver.


This is Pickle and his sleeping companion.

Even piggies need a playmate to cuddle next to.


A rescue baby fox that loves snuggling with his plush bunny.

What does the fox say? -- "No touch my stuffie!"

National Fox Welfare Society

Meet Breeze.

She sleeps with the teddy bear every night ever she she found it while stumbling alone through the moors.


Apparently she destroys every stuffed animal except this one.

Everyone has that ONE stuffed animal they can't let go of.


A baby sloth hanging out with his giraffe.

How cute is this?

Jenny Jozwiak

One year later...

And he has grown the same size as his teddy bear!


Teddy bears are one of the best wildlife rehab tools.

Humans and the wildlife have so much in common.


A seal who got a special present from the zoo staff.

It appears he can't stop cuddling with it. I think it's safe to say he loves his present.

A polar bear cub snuggling with a replica of himself.

I wonder if he knows that his stuffed friend looks just like him.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

This is obviously the cat's favorite toy.

This couldn't be anymore adorable!


A kitty sleeping with his favorite Snorlax.

Even animals enjoy Pokemon! :)


18 months later and nothing has changed.

You can't separate this cat from his duck.


A kangaroo sleeping with his bestie.

This one is one for the books, so cute!

Welby the Wallaby

He's pretty much sleeping with a smaller version of himself.

Stuffed doggie is not happy about it.


Bet you never thought a sleeping rat would look cute.

Even fancy rats need a best friend while sleeping.

Just two baby sloths cuddling with a plush.

Nice picture, is it a hairy octopus?


I can hear the cat purring softly.

Warm kitty, soft kitty, little ball of fur.... happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr.


"I just wanted to show you my new teddy bear."

Look at those sad puppy eyes!!!


He's napping with his mini-me.

Even though it's not real, this has got to be one of the cutest father-son moments ever.

Still sleeping with his friend, since birth.

Look at how small the bear looks in the after photo compared to the before!


In October, he will be 15 years old.

It appears you can never be too old for stuffed animals!


So this is what happens when Lily turns the switch in the off position.

She should turn on her off switch more often.


Have you ever heard of catception?

A cat hugging a cat that is hugging another cat.