Tiny Puppy Found Tied To Tree In Swamp Area Finds Love In His New Home.

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Jess was busy hanging her laundry out to dry in her backyard when she noticed something was whining.

Humans don’t exactly have the greatest track record when it comes to treating animals properly. But if you thought abandoning a creature on the side of the road was bad, then wait until you hear what was done to a puppy named Nash. Animal cruelty is illegal in North Carolina, but that didn’t stop someone from literally leaving this tiny pup out to dry. And if a woman in Wake County hadn’t heard the pooch’s whining, this story wouldn’t have a happy ending.

The noise was faint and distant but it seemed to be coming from a swampland several acres from her home in the town of Zebulon. She decided to investigate and that’s when she saw Nash for the very first time.