20 Surreal And Weird Events That Happen On Earth.

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Those clouds might look like insidious alien eggs ready to drop from the sky, but they’re really harmless.

Prepare to have your mind blown because these photos are so jaw-droppingly amazing that you’d swear they were Photoshopped. But these photos represent some out-of-this-world phenomenon that are as real as you are. In fact, these images are so captivating that you’ll want to kick yourself for not having been there in person to take these awe-inspiring photos. It also proves that a good photographer doesn’t have to resort to cheap Photoshop tricks to snap a good picture. In some instances, the person snapping these pictures had to be in the right place at the right time. So, take a look at these incredible photos that will totally mess with your brain.

This type of cloud creates a cluster of pouches that hang under the base of rainclouds. The mysterious phenomena’s eeriness only increases when there’s a sunset, like the one seen over farmland.

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