29 Photos That Prove Life On Earth Is Stranger (And More Amazing) Than You Ever Imagined.

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Starfish Eating an Anchovy

Ah, nature. The spoils of the outdoors are vast and varied, replete with an endless arrangement of complexities and subtle nuances. Nature-lovers have all spent time contemplating anthills, appreciated a brisk swim in a salty, buoyant ocean, or geeking out over a magnificently bright-colored mushroom growing out of the mud.

If you don't have time to travel to exotic natural locations, or even get outside and take a walk, you're going to love these pictures. Each one of them, in its own way, proves that Mother Nature is a selfless producer of all things amazing and unique. #18 will make you question every rock you've ever seen.

Starfish like a little umami in their diets, too.

Elton Lin