Mom Turns Closet Into A Secret Room For Her Daughter.


Laura Medicus knew what it was like being an only child and extremely introverted growing up.

For teenagers, having their own room is a pretty big deal. Where else can you go when you're feeling sad, lonely, or you simply want to relax and forget about the world? It seems like teens are always looking for a personal space to hide. But what would happen if a child didn't have that personal space? Well, one mom by the name of Laura Medicus knew what that was like for her daughter and she was determined to give her some extra space by turning her closet into something quite magical. To that end, she went on a DIY construction project that should earn her a mother of the year award.

Her child, Sylvia, was basically a reflection of her when she was a teenager. She preferred to stay hidden from the world when she wasn't in school. Unfortunately, poor Sylvia didn't have a closet space to hide in.

Laura Medicus Interiors