Strangers Got Heart Transplants On The Same Day, Then Years Later They Fell In Love.

Collin Kobelja and Taylor Givens may very well have their happily ever after.

Two hearts beating as one is the kind of cliché stuff you hear around Valentine's Day or when you're watching a romantic comedy on Netflix. But rarely do you imagine it having a literal meaning. Well, it so happens that in the case of Taylor Givens and Collin Kobelja, two patients in desperate need of hearts, it really was! You see, the two strangers underwent a life-saving operation back in June 2011 that gave them a chance to live a long happy life. But little did they know that the gifts that saved their lives, also allowed them the chance to find true love.

The 24-year-old Givens believes that everything happens for a reason, and her soulmate, 30-year-old Kobelja, totally supports that belief because they are both lucky to be alive and happy in love.