Someone Renamed Designer's Latest Collection With Comical New Names.

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When Zara gives you waist checker trousers, you just need a little magical assistance.

Have you ever looked at an actual clothing catalog or online catalog and felt like the names and descriptions of certain items felt more like they were body shaming their customers? Take a look at some and you might be shaking your head in shock and wondering, who'd want to buy these with a name like that? Well, one shopper felt that way too, particularly about Zara, so she went ahead and renamed the company's latest items with more creative and in some cases, hilarious names to prove a point. You certainly wouldn't want to mess with this shopper, because she's armed with a Sharpie and she's not afraid to use it to change your mind.

Lucy Clemson, a businesswoman from London, started tweeting photos of Zara's clothing lines, but she decided to add a little twist to them by rebranding them with a bit of sarcastic humor.