This Guy Built An INSANE Puppet, And The Way It Moves… Freaky!

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Puppetry has a very long and interesting history. Scholars debate when the earliest puppets first appeared, some say India while others say Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, or China, in the form of shadow puppetry.

Animator, model maker, and YouTuber Barnaby Dixon has created a new puppet concept over a period of two months, and it is unlike anything done previously, including the stuffed toys or finger puppets reminiscent of your childhood (even though we do love Jim Henson).

"It took some time to refine, and alterations may still be made," he wrote on YouTube. "But it's at a stage now that I'm happy to show y'all."

According to his official website, Barnaby first became seriously interested in art, in animation specifically, when a media center opened up in his town in 2003. He then decided to focus on Stop-motion and gained experience in a range of film projects.

Check out his latest video, which features perhaps the fiercest puppet you've ever seen.

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