A Couple Met Their Adopted Daughter For The First Time, The Last Photo Says It All.


This is the couple in the airport, on their way from Minnesota to Florida to pick up their newest family member.

David and Sarah Olsen already have two sons, one of whom was born with spina bifida. Despite the fact that both pregnancies were challenging for Sarah - and the fact that doctors advised against having another child with high chances of spina bifida - the couple knew they weren't done building their family.

That's when they made the decision to adopt.

When the time came to meet their adopted daughter, their best friend and photographer Kristen Prosser joined them. She captured the first moment this couple met their new daughter, and the photos are incredibly heartwarming.

Up until that point, the couple had only seen pictures of the newborn.

When they finally arrived at the Florida hospital, the couple eagerly awaited the arrival of their daughter.

Finally, they got to see her for the first time.

The resulting images capture such raw emotion, proof that even if parents don't biologically have their children, their joy and love is equally as powerful.

The baby is the cutest little thing ever, and her name is Tilly.

David, Sarah, and their three children are now ready to enter into the next chapter of their lives together.

Here's some more heartwarming photos of families welcoming their adopted children home.