25 Creative Costumes That Won Halloween.

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This guy is really Van Goghing places with this artistic Halloween costume from 2016.

Halloween is that rare time of the year where age simply doesn't matter, because you can dress up as anyone or anything. But although everyone celebrates Halloween a bit different, it's the candy and the costumes that make this holiday so worth it. This is the moment when you can throw caution to the wind, and that business suit to the side, and pick out a really cool costume. Just check out these wonderful and inventive outfits. This set of photos will make you so happy. Who knows? They might inspire you to do some last-minute shopping for a costume.

One look at this Halloween outfit and you'll be screaming, Oh my Gogh! This is really awesome and so artistic too! But there are too many ears, and as we all know, Van Gogh cut one of his off.