Watch What This Crow Does With His Empty Plate, I Didn’t Know Crows Could Do That.

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This crow was hanging out in a park when he found a plastic plate with some rice left on it.

It's always frustrating to see trash lying around in public spaces: How hard is it for people to pick it up and throw it away? Better yet, why not take the time to recycle? After all, we're all living on this planet together, right? Unfortunately, there are plenty of people in this world that don't see it that way. But thankfully, there is one crow who does.

We already knew that crows have above-average intelligence, and that they are known for being the birds with some of the best problem solving skills. Well, apparently, they also care about the environment as well. What this crow does to contribute to bettering our planet will shock you - and perhaps even inspire you to up your recycling game.

Naturally, he got his munch on. A friend even stopped by for moral support.

When the rice was gone, it appeared as if he was going to eat the plate. Thankfully, he had other plans in mind - But what?

He's not going to...wait, is he?

HE IS. Yup, this crow just threw away his trash.

Simply amazing.

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