A Pro-BMX Rider Strapped A GoPro To His Bike For The CRAZIEST Tour Of LA.

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Pro BMX rider Nigel Sylvester has gone Hollywood. Last year the über rider released his viral video “Go!” of him riding through the busy and chaotic streets of New York City. Now Sylvester has flown in style from a helicopter to the glitzy city of Los Angeles.

His method of exploring this vibrant city may be unorthodox but it certainly looks more fun. The 28-year-old plays hoops with the stunning Pacific Ocean as the background, gets to see Chinatown, and even has his celebrity friends like Nick Young, Jamie Chung, and Rob Dyrdek to make cameos. He does all of this and more without getting off his bike.

His latest video ‘Go’ 2 is just as exciting and adrenaline high as the first one. Sylvester definitely makes his sport look effortless. We can’t wait to see what city is on his list next.


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