Watch The Moment Toddler With No Arms Learns To Feed Herself Using Her FEET.

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Most toddlers prefer to be fed by their parents, but not this girl. Even though she has no arms, she's managed to figure out a way to feed herself.

Not every person is born the same and that's what makes our world so great. Everyone goes through life with their own unique obstacles. Life isn't supposed to be easy. When you encounter a hardship, you learn how to overcome it and better yourself from it. Everyone comes across these hardships at different times in their lives. You can approach a sudden obstacle in the middle of your life or you can be greeted with one right when you're born.

Vasilina Knutzen, for example, was born without any arms. But such a little thing doesn't bother little Vasilina at all. In fact, she's already learned how to become more resourceful by using her other body parts during in substitution for her arms.

Elmira Knutzen

She uses her feet! And keep in mind, this isn't something that can easily be done. It takes skill to be able to grab a fork with your toes and successfully maneuvering it to your mouth.

Elmira Knutzen

Although Little Vasilina was born without arms, it's inspiring to see that she hasn’t let this stop her from doing whatever she puts her mind to.

Elmira Knutzen

Vasilina's mother, Elmira Knutzen, was so impressed and proud that she caught the whole thing on camera and posted it on the Internet for everyone else to see.

Elmira Knutzen

Elmira certainly wasn't the only one that was impressed by her daughter's skills. Ever since she shared the video on Facebook, it's received over 45 million views.

Elmira Knutzen

**The video hasn't even been online for a week yet and yet it has already received over a million shares and 300,000 likes.**

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