She REFUSED To Wear Heels. Her Employer’s Reaction Was HORRIFYING.

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When Thorp started her new job, she was told she had to wear 2-4 inch heels every day.

Every once in awhile, we hear a new story that reminds us that, despite feminism's best efforts, sexism in the workplace is still alive and well.

Most recently, this manifested itself in the form of a London receptionist, who refused to wear high heels. Her name is Nicola Thorp, and she was recently placed at a financial firm -- only to be told she had to wear shoes with a "2-4 inch heel."

Naturally, Thorp complained about the policy, particularly because the men in the office weren't held to the same standards. What happened next will shock you -- but what Thorp did as a result is pretty awesome.


When she protested, she was actually sent home.

This is the company Thorp worked for. She was scared to go public with her story, but then realized that many other women could be going through the same thing.

"I was a bit scared about speaking up about it in case there was a negative backlash," she said. "But I realized I needed to put a voice to this as it is a much bigger issue."

Nicola Sian Thorp

As a result of her treatment, Thorp has set up a petition, asking for a change in the law so that women cannot be sent home from work for not wearing heels.

Nicola Sian Thorp

The petition got over 10,000 signatures, so now it's up to the government to respond. Only time will tell if this archaic rule gets pushed aside in favor of the law. We sure hope so.

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